Maine Lobster – #25

Disclaimer:  Vegetarians might want to just skip this one.

For years, I subscribed to Yankee Magazine and often read about Lobster Rolls.  It seemed that every so often, Yankee did an article featuring the best places in Maine for Lobster Rolls and other lobster cuisine. 

Yankee lobster

I wondered:  What exactly IS a Lobster Roll?  I found out when I camped in Wells, Maine.

Wells Maine

According to Wikipedia, a lobster roll is “a sandwich native to New England made of lobster meat served on a grilled hot dog style bun with the opening on the top rather than the side.  The filling may also contain butter, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.”

Lobster cartoon

A local at the campground recommended Fisherman’s Catch for lobster rolls.  

I ordered the special which featured a lobster roll at market price, French fries and coleslaw.  Market price turned out to be pricey, but hey, how often am I in Maine?

Lobster Roll

The restaurant had a cute outdoor eating area arranged around a boat, so I perched out there to enjoy my dinner.

Lorraine in Maine



A couple from Massachusetts joined me, and we struck up a conversation about their state.  They were visiting Maine for a few days and, like me, had also decided to have the lobster roll special.   




My view while savoring lobster and crossing another item off the bucket list!

Wells beach





2 thoughts on “Maine Lobster – #25

  1. Was great meeting you as you were packing up in Williamsburg. Wish I had got to talk to you sooner!! By the way the Lobstah Rolls look good!! One thing I miss since leaving New England is the Wicked Tasty Lobstah Rolls!!

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