New York City #19

I spent a day in New York City.  My young friend Caroline, from my part of southern California, married a New Yorker and lives in the city.  We arranged a day to meet.  Driving in the city did not appeal to me, so I looked up train stations within driving distance of my campground and found one in Dover, New Jersey.  The schedule showed which trains went directly to Penn Station without having to transfer. 

Google maps got me to Dover in good time and there was all-day parking for $2.50 in a lot near the station.  Ticket machines for the train were on the platform.  I was glad I had taken MetroLink rides in Southern California and was somewhat familiar with the ticket process.  A round-trip ticket was $14.20 (senior rate).  After getting on the train, I settled in for the hour ride into NYC.  

My friends met me at Penn Station, a bustling, multi-story transportation center.  We bought tickets for the subway and then headed for a cute restaurant called Jack’s Wife Freda that served Mediterranean food. 

I was impressed with Caroline’s mastery of the subway system.  She knew which trains were express, Streets vs. Avenues, and whether buses or trains are faster in certain areas.  Her husband, a native New Yorker, explained Soho and Tribeca to me.  I had heard these terms, but never knew they referred to specific areas known by their street names.  Soho is South of Houston (pronounced How-ston).  Tribeca is Triangle Below Canal. 


After lunch, we took the subway again and then walked a few blocks to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  I’m trying to solve a family mystery and wanted to go there to request a decades-old document.  (That’s another blog entry.)  I was able to do what I needed and then we walked to Woops, a nearby sweet shop.  


The previous day had been very rainy, so we were glad for sunshine and blue skies. 


I had been to NYC a few years ago and visited many of the tourist attractions.  This trip was to catch up with friends over lunch.

Lorraine Caroline Brian close up

One more trip on the subway and we were again at Penn Station.  I was able to get on my train — an express with fewer stops!  Getting off at Dover, I sent up a prayer of thanks for getting me everywhere I needed to be at the right time this day, and for the safe return.  


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  1. I just love reading each entry of your blog Lorraine! I can’t wait for the next chapter…it sounds like you are having a fabulous adventure!! Safe travels dear friend💗

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