Chased by the Calendar – #16

After leaving Missouri, I sensed that my window to get to the northeast for fall foliage was shrinking.  I would need to hurry across the next few states to be in New England by mid-September.  I’ve been told that the peak time for fall colors is mid-September to early October, depending on the weather.

Crossing into Illinois, I stayed in a nice family-owned campground out in the cornfields of Mulberry Grove. 

The next day, I drove to Indianapolis and spoke with an RV dealer about some warranty work.  They could get me in the next morning.  I stayed the night at a campground in the city.  It was hard to back into my site (I thought I might end up in the fish pond!) but it was a quiet spot for one night.  Indy Lakes

I returned to the dealer in the morning, and the technician finished the repair work by mid-day.  On the Interstate again, I encountered thunderstorms and pulled off for awhile at a roadside rest.  Driving across the Ohio state line late in the afternoon, I decided to camp in Buck Creek State Park in Springfield.  Usually I have my campgrounds lined up a week or two ahead, but because of the repair work, I wasn’t sure where I would be.  Buck Creek was spacious and beautiful. 


The next day I covered a lot of Ohio, passing turnoffs for Columbus and Cleveland.   My destination was a campground in eastern Ohio and dinner with friends and former Californians Brian and Ruthie.  Brian pastors a church in Mentor, Ohio.  We met at a Mexican restaurant in the quaint town of Jefferson and enjoyed conversation over a delicious meal.Brian & Ruthie

In the morning, the camper across from me came over after noticing my California license plate.  She and her husband are also from California and travel all over the US following Jet Car racing.  She handed me a business card for her son, jet car driver David Douthit who races the Black Pearl.  (I meet the most interesting folks while camping!) 

Black Pearl

She warned me about gas prices in Pennsylvania, and toll roads in New York.  Oh no… toll roads!  I checked my wallet to make sure I had cash for what was ahead of me as I crossed into those states.  (I may do an entire entry on toll roads.  Don’t get me started.)

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