Airwaves – #11

I enjoy listening to the radio.  While I was in Canada, I noticed that Canadian stations are not dominated by political conversation and rancor.  In fact the big news all day long on one Victoria BC station was that an unfortunate transient asleep in a dumpster met his end in a trash compactor.  Some announcers spoke with a pleasing French accent.  I soon got over the shock of  temperatures given in Celsius.  (Good morning!  The high today will be a comfortable 27 degrees!)CBC radio

Driving across Montana and North Dakota, I learned about the price of hard red winter wheat, the expected cost of fresh and frozen lamb cuts, and other agriculture and livestock futures.  I also heard ads for heavy farm equipment and found tons of country music stations.

Almost every large city has a classical music station, and contemporary Christian music is easily accessible.

My car came equipped with Sirius XM Radio for a few months.  Lots of choices there.                                         Sirius XM



Often I will use Bluetooth to send a podcast from my phone to the car’s audio system.  Of course, The Girl Camper is one of my favorites.

Girl Camper

I was given a subscription to Audible audio books and have several on my playlist. Recently I began listening to “Educated” by Tara Westover. Audible (2)

Listening to something interesting makes the miles fly as I take in the scenery of our beautiful country.

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