Wonderful Washington – #7

Long-time friends in Longview let me park in front of their house for a couple nights.  They know a lot about trailers, so I asked a hundred questions.  Tim fixed some shelves that had come loose in the trailer, and helped me with a hitch situation.  We visited the county fair and saw Pat’s amazing photographs (she won several ribbons!) I enjoyed their two little doggers.  Such sweet bundles of fur!

Continuing north, I stayed at Silver Creek, a beautiful campground overlooking Mayfield Lake.  This great old Maytag was part of the camp decor… not the campground laundry room!

One night was spent near Seattle with Tom and Sue, my husband’s cousin and wife.  They are trailer folks, too, and gave me lots of helpful information and ideas. Plus, I was treated to homemade venison sausage and home-grown tomatoes.

Then it was on to La Conner, a lovely area of farmland and waterfront shops.  The campground is on land owned by the Swinomish Tribe.  My site was a short walk from the shoreline.  Berries grow wild everywhere!

One afternoon I drove to Anacortes and connected with my 4th cousin Betty and her husband Jim on their boat.  We’ve corresponded but never met.  I loved chatting with her about genealogy, DNA and our common ancestors. On another day, I visited the Anacortes Library, and discovered Bob’s Chowder Bar, a great place for fish and chips.

From the cool, overcast skies of far northwest Washington, I headed east and camped between Quincy and Wenatchee on the Columbia River.  The climate and terrain was far different.  It was hot, dry and windy.  I saw endless apple orchards on the cliffs above the river in the Wenatchee Valley.

Wenatchee was a good place to exchange US dollars for Canadian currency. The dollars are pretty and have a transparent insert in the bill.MoneyIn Spokane the next morning, I went to church with long-time friends Wes and Gail.  Wes was my husband’s college roommate.  We all knew each other at Azusa Pacific College, and had our weddings about one month apart.

Then it was off through northern Idaho and into Canada!


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Washington – #7

  1. Loonies and twonies. I should have given you the fiver that I brought back from my trip in June. Your pictures are beautiful and I am jealous, as I said, of your fun. We’re determined to get Avon back to travel energy.

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  2. ……..my dad collected those old wringer washing machines when I was a kid because a lot of them were copper. We did have one in our “wash room” for a back up, and I used it, into high school. Mom would wash the really dirty farm clothes in it first before the newer machine.

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