Fires, Friends, and Firsts – #6

Fires in southern Oregon have been burning for weeks.  My eyes stung and there were ashes everywhere.  The moon was Halloween orange. The west just needs some really good rainstorms to get these terrible fires out.

I was glad to connect with several folks in Oregon.  Some friendships were from years ago when my husband and I lived in Santa Cruz and he taught at Baymonte Christian School. A friend who moved to Albany from SoCal this year invited me to an Eagles Tribute concert in the park.  The next day we hiked along the Willamette River.

On the backroads, I came across a cute little fruit stand.  The woman behind the table grew the vegetables and did the canning herself.  I bought a jar of raspberry jam.

A family who lives far away happened to be staying on a ranch near Bend during my travels there. I was able to visit and park my trailer on the ranch overnight

Loved catching up with all these folks.

Having coffee inside a cozy trailer on a chilly morning with a forest view is pretty great.Coffee in Bend

The firsts for me were “boondocking” on the ranch:  no hookups whatsoever.  Also, backing into a campground space by myself.   It took some maneuvering, but I was able to get in without hitting the picnic table.   Smile

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