California’s Central Valley – #3

After crossing the pass over Tehachapi, I decided to take Highway 99 through the Central Valley.  I loved driving through places with names like Pixley, Italian Swiss Colony, and McFarland.  In several small towns, I would see orchards right next to the highway, with chickens or peacocks wandering close to the road.  Farmland stretched for acres.  Signs in yards offered “Lambs for sale” or “Fresh eggs here — drive in”.  I saw fruit stands every few miles.99In Turlock, good friends for 40+ years offered the street in front of their house to park my trailer.  It was so good catching up and reminiscing about our shared history.

It occurred to me that a lot of our country is rural, and yet our lawmakers and those making critical decisions live and work in big cities, for the most part.  I think rural life is slower paced, friendlier, healthier.  Maybe we should put California’s state capitol in Tulare or something.


4 thoughts on “California’s Central Valley – #3

  1. Lorraine im loving this! I love your sense of adventure and i so appreciate your blog and taking us along on the journey. 🤗. Safe travels and i cant wait to read more. Love ya!


  2. We visited fellow Biola parents in Pixley. They invited us to stay in there “small” guest house, over what seemed to be a 10 car garage, on their cow ranch. Not sure of correct lingo. Over tea about 10 PM we heard a very vocal cow carring on . The husband said put on your shoes. We proceeded to follow him right out his fancy homes front door to a short distance to where a cow was laying on her side. Not knowing what to expect we got close to the fence. He said step back, he reached down and pulled this wet little bundle of a calf straight out of this poor “little”mama. It was all steamy! We stood there shocked. We proceed staight away back in and finished our tea and cookies. And there you have our Pixley story!


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