The Journey Begins – #1

Last year on a road trip, I stayed the night with a friend in Bishop, California. Just outside of town was this sign.


I asked my friend why this sign was in Bishop.  She explained that if you take US Route 6 across the United States, you end up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Wow, I thought. I’ve got things to do in Massachusetts:  family history, exploring historic places, spending awhile in my dad’s hometown.  Now THAT would be a road trip!

Thinking more about it, I wondered if there were women my age who travel solo.  I found out there are a LOT!  And then I discovered The Girl Camper podcast ( where I learned about RVs, trailers, tow vehicles, women’s camping organizations and widows like me who enjoy going places and doing things.

Over the last 12 months, I researched travel trailers, tow vehicles and membership campgrounds.  Several folks who camp frequently, travel full-time or spend a few months a year on the road answered questions and provided helpful information.  My BFF went to an RV show with me. I joined Sisters on the Fly, a national women’s camping organization.

Along with my research I was praying, “Lord, if You don’t want me to do this or go any further with it, please shut the door firmly.  Slam. It. Shut.”

But He didn’t close the door.  In fact, things just kept unfolding in front of me, and here I am… on the road!





One thought on “The Journey Begins – #1

  1. So fun! I can live vicariously through you! As Ellie say in Up, “Adventure is out there!”. How true! I’m smiling! Thanks!


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